Donald Tsang Please Die…(oops Cyber-Crime?)

That is one of the song titles in My Little Airport’s album that I recently downloaded. I got to know about this band from my Taipei trip last December while listening to random Chinese/Cantonese songs in the Eslite Mall record shop. I liked the 2 songs featured and scribbled on my “Notes” app to download them when I get back home even though I couldn’t understand Cantonese (pirate alert!).

My Little Airport

My Little Airport Album

Due to the holidays and a busy travel schedule, I forgot about it completely.

The other day after I was introduced to this awesome Chinese app called 虾米 (Xia Mi) which allows you to download any songs or albums to your phone for free (you can only download from the Chinese app store) , I immediately downloaded the complete My Little Airport album and came upon “Donald Tsang Please Die”.

Just listen to the first few seconds to get a feel of the song:

When I first heard the song play, I was laughing out loud.

Only understanding the lines “Donald Tsang please die,” “when will you get fired,” “we’re all poor guys”, plus the comedic way the guy was singing to the laid back Sunday tune, I thought the whole song was about this Donald Tsang who is probably a superstar in the office and a Casanova that all the girls flock to.

The guy who was singing is most likely a dork, singing in behalf of all his other equally dorky co-workers, wishing death on Donald Tsang so they can have a better chance with girls.

Adding to the fact that the other songs in the album are sang by this girl with a very sweet voice, I was expecting all songs in the album are related to love, crushes and stuff that rom-coms are made of.

One of the first My Little Airport songs that I liked. With this happy tune, who’d expect that Donald Tsang would have a different meaning?

I was so wrong.

I finally got curious enough yesterday to Google the meaning of the song.

To my surprise, Donald Tsang is a real person. He was the Chief Executive of Hong Kong from 2005-2012 (someone hasn’t been reading the papers). He had become unpopular to students back in May 2009 (yes this is an old song) as he gave a comment on how people might be overreacting to the Chinese government’s oppression of students in the June 4 Tiananmen Square incident. Read about the whole thing here:

Of course, netizens went on their rampage online against him. We’re used to this. It happens until now. But what’s amusing is that a local indie pop band, My Little Airport, made a song against him which became viral. That’s how “Donald Tsang Please Die” came about.

I have seen so many Filipinos go about cursing our politicians on  Twitter, FB, Instagram etc every time a huge issue comes out, but I’ve never heard of any of our local artists/bands going outright hating them through their songs or shows as blatant as what the Hong Kong band did. My guess on why this doesn’t happen in the Philippines is because of how politics and showbiz are so intertwined in our country. An artist wouldn’t want to ruin his/her connections for chances of making it bigger in the future.

It’s such a coincidence that I’ve learned about this song just 2 days ago and read about the explanation today, 2 days after the Supreme Court decision ruling online libel constitutional came out. How will it affect how we express our opinions against corrupt politicians? Will it hinder possible whistleblowers from exposing anomalies they know of in the government? Or would it simple lower the number of people expressing pure hate and disgust online?

I guess we’ll never hear “Juan Ponce Enrile please die (finally)” on the radio…