My Favorite Gift This Christmas! Insta-Happiness!!!

One day, my friend Ian asked for my Instagram password, and  said outright that it was for my Christmas gift. I trusted him so I just gave it and actually forgot about the whole incident.

Last night, I received this – a memoir/photo-book of my Instagram photos.

For someone who loves Instagram as much as I do, receiving this was such a delight! I was extremely ecstatic!

Instagram book

Cover page – the bean from my Chicago trip this January

It contained selected Instagram posts of mine, grouped in the cities I’ve lived in and traveled to for the past 2 years.

Taipei 101 park

My Taipei Selfie in the Park


My Bangkok Life Pics

Boracay, Balesin

Boracay and Balesin Getaways

New York Instagram

US Life!

Instagram OOTD

My very few OOTD shots

Singapore Instagram

The country I’ve grown to love – Singapore

Turkey Instagram

Solo Sojourn in Turkey

I  know Christmas is over so this might not be as useful, but it’s an idea for some Insta-addict friend’s birthday or anniversary gift! Just visit Kikki K at their website –

Thank you again Ian for such a meaningful and creative gift!

Happy new year to everyone!