Manila = Home

I am now in NAIA Terminal 3, 50 minutes from boarding time on my plane back to Singapore. I was fortunate enough to let my boss allow me to work from our Manila office for 2 weeks, followed by a one week leave during Christmas. This has been the longest time I’ve been home since I’ve moved to Singapore almost 3 years ago for work.

Despite being here for such long period versus the usual weekend + 1 day trips I usually make, today’s routine was so familiar:

1. Waking up early for last minute packing

2. Lunch with family at home or in Hai Kang

3. Haircut and cleaning at Bruno’s

4. Pasalubong shopping in Rustan’s, SM or Puregold,

5. Getting my OEC or having it validated at the OFW counter in the airport

6. Check-in

7. Dinner at Yellowcab T3 (Dear Darla + Chicken Alfredo + Coke Zero)

8. Goodbyes

These have been my routine every time I go back from Manila to wherever I am based.

But above all these routines, one that is most familiar to me is the feeling I get when I wake up on departure day – my heart beats fast, it gets hard to breath, my chest feels like it’s tightening, and I get very emotional. 3 years and 4 cities later, Manila is still number one in my heart, and every inch of me loves every time I come home, and gets down every time I leave again.

I am glad I still feel this way, and every thing I mentioned in my first every blog post  about moving to Singapore is still true: Manila, I am coming home one day.