Glee is Back: Beatles and Cory

Glee is back

From the Google+ account of Glee

I saw this poster last night from Glee’s Google+ account. Of course I saw the post late as it will be premiering tomorrow, September 26, 2013 on Fox, 9PM US time (Friday for us).

As a big fan of the show, I’m really excited to have another thing to look forward to every week. From the poster, it seems like they will feature all Beatles songs for the 1st episode. That is really something to look forward to especially since Radha’s version of Let It Be from the Voice of the Philippines is still fresh in everyone’s heads.

But I guess what everyone is even more looking forward to know is how will they explain the death of Finn Hudson, played by Cory Monteith who passed away last July. Backtracking on Season 4 episodes (thank God I saved them all), it seems that he appeared last in episode 19. He went off to college and enjoyed being mediocre and had too much fun. In the end though, he got his act together and made amends with Mr. Schue.

Screening through that episode, I got chills realizing that the last song he ever performed in Glee was “Don’t Stop Believing” when the original Glee Cast reunited during Rachel’s Funny Girl audition. This was also the first song that was sang by the complete group in the pilot episode, and this for me is the theme song of Glee where it all began.

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GLEE Season 4, Episode 19, Don't Stop Believing. Final performance of Cory Monteith

GLEE Season 4, Episode 19, Don’t Stop Believing. Final performance of Cory Monteith

Glee Pilot Episode, Don't Stop Believing

Glee Pilot Episode, Don’t Stop Believing

I did a quick google on “how Glee will explain Finn’s death” and saw the first link to be “Glee’s Ryan Murphy Reveals How Finn Hudson’s Death Will Be Handled in Cory Monteith Memorial Episode“. I was about to click it and realized that I didn’t want any spoilers. If you do, go ahead and click the link above.

I can’t help but come up with scenarios in my head though. Here are some of them.

1. He was readmitted to the army and died in a battle (same way as how Finn’s dad was originally believed to have died).

2. He got addicted to drugs in college and had an overdoes (same way as how Finn’s dad actually died…and how Cory actually died…)

3. Car accident due to DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) or texting while driving.

Two and three would be in line with Glee’s nature of always sending a message on pertinent issues facing youth today.

4. Or they could just not explain it at all.

What’s your guess? Whatever it is, I am sure to be crying along with millions of Glee fans as we watch the tribute on Thursday.

Rest in peace Cory. Rest in peace Finn.

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