Drenched from NAIA 1

This morning I managed to experience the heavy downpour in Manila which I’m seeing all over my Twitter and FB feed now.

Though I only spent 3 hours of today in Manila, I still got drenched and I can totally relate to everyone. My anger though doesn’t fall on the authorities who think college and working people are waterproof, but to everyone who was involved in building NAIA Terminal 1.

I don’t understand why its departure’s unloading area isn’t covered. Given that we experience a good amount of rain and typhoon during a year, shouldn’t the architects have considered this in the first place and provided for cover? Or did it not rain as frequent in Manila back in 1980’s?

NAIA Terminal 1 Departure

Open air unloading area of NAIA Terminal 1 Departure from wikimapia.org

The designated unloading area for cars is out in the open and only the area where they pass through to exit is covered. This works well on a sunny day, but on heavy rainy days which is not uncommon to Manila, it’s a system doomed for disaster.

No one wants to get drenched so instead of people following the regular system, all cars starts unloading in the only covered place – the pass through area which is also the exit, thus blocking everyone from exiting. Aside from cars, there were buses blocking the pass through area to unload its passengers. Imagine the time it took.

NAIA Terminal 1 Departure

Stuck and not moving this morning

I can’t blame these people. With the kind of rain we had this morning, an umbrella won’t save you. I was a testament to that because I decided to just brave the rain from the open area, and was still drenched waist down even if I had such a huge umbrella.

To make matters worse, I was a greeted by a loooooong line to enter the aiport. I was surrounded by fellow wet people. We were surrounded by well-wishers who were all squeezing under the covered area. It was such a sad sight.  

When I reached nearer to the entrance, I realized there were only two entrances opened. I was thinking why couldn’t they just open more given the situation of the line and weather outside? I thought maybe since it’s early in the morning, there were not enough staff to man the other entrances.

When I finally got in, I was surprised to see that some of the closed entrances were actually manned. The staff were just chatting. Maybe their shift might have not officially started, but I wish they tried to adapt to the situation outside given that the unloading part was already a disaster for everyone trying to enter the airport.

It was a very bad morning for me and I can only imagine how tourists feel. We can make them enjoy all our beautiful sites and feel the love of our friendly people, but when they are about to go home, they get a terrible experience which I’m sure they’ll talk about back home.

With all the people, locals and tourists alike, complaining about NAIA 1, why aren’t there major changes to it?

Does someone need to discover a budget scam in NAIA so things can finally move?

Photo credits:

First photo of NAIA 1 from wikimapia.org