Balesin Resort(s)

“Around the world, the trip begins with kiss. Roam if you want to, roam around the world…” – B-52’s

Continuing from my previous Balesin post, I showcase you the different resorts of Balesin. Each seaside theme resort has a main clubhouse which houses a restaurant, bar, function rooms, pool, lounge and beach front.

In spite of the difference in design, the room structures are more or less the same.

Phuket, Thailand:

We stayed in these villas. It could accommodate 4 people each.

Phuket Villa, Balesin

The room. One king size bed in the middle and single beds on opposite sides.

Phuket villa, Balesin

View from the back:

Phuket Balesin

Phukhet villa toilets:

Balesin Rooms

Jacuzzi outside:

Balesin jacuzzi


Phukhet Villa, Balesin

Inside the Phuket clubhouse where we had a nice Thai buffet dinner.

Phuket Clubhouse, Balesin

From Phuket, we head to Bali:

Bali, Indonesia:

We had our breakfast in the Bali Warung restaurant which served Indo-Malay-Singaporean food. They had Nasi Lemak which of course didn’t come anywhere close to best Nasi Lemak ever – Village Park Nasi Lemak.

Bali Warung, Balesin

They also had Nasi Goreng which was pretty good:


Bali Resort Clubhouse:

Bali Resort, Balesin

The villas:

Bali Villa, Balesin

Seaside villa which are usually fully-booked:

Seaside villa, Balesin

Nusa Dua Bar which is perfect for afternoon drinks:

Bali Balesin

Bar in the middle, seaside villas on opposite sides

Bali bar, Balesin

Drinks by the sea

Bali at night:


Bali, Balesin

We move on to the European continent.

St. Tropez, France:

The colorful clubhouse:

St. Tropez, Balesin


St. Tropez interiors, Balesin

What greets you when you enter

Group selfie time aka group pic in the olden days!

Balesin St. Tropez

St. Tropez, Balesin

For coffee and crepes

Unlike Phuket and Bali which have villas, St. Tropez is more hotel-like. They have different kinds of rooms for your needs.

St. Tropez rooms, Balesin

Studio hotel room

St. Tropez suite

Suite for big families

St. Tropez Hotel, Balesin

Master’s bed room

They also have a honeymoon room which we obsessed about (it had a mirror at the top):

Honeymoon suite

Taking advantage of the “selfie” moment in the honeymoon suite

They had lots of different themed function rooms that you could book:

Balesin Function Room

Function Room

Another one:

Balesin function room

Function room 2

Our favorite was Le Neptune:

Private Dining Balesin

Outside Le Neptune

It could only fit one table for 12 inside for a very private gathering.

Balesin Resort, St. Tropez

Le Neptune, Balesin

Perfect for a family meal

We booked this for merienda – to try their famous crepes!

Balesin Crepe

Mango Nutella (they ran out of bananas)

My favorites were the savory crepes:

Balesin Crepes

Anchovies and shrimp crepe! The best!

This bacon and egg crepe was very yummy too!

Balesin Crepes

St. Tropez, Balesin

If you visit, I suggest for you to have one meal here!

Hang around the pool and beach after your meal.

St. Tropez Resort, Balesin

St. Tropez, Balesin

Or you could go to the beachfront:

Balesin beach

Some ladies paddling

From a very colorful place, we go to somewhere only white and blue…

Mykonos, Greece:

Mykonos, Balesin

Mykonos, Balesin

The Taverna. Because of the sudden bumping of flights, I missed out on lunch here 😦

Taverna, Balesin

Some Greek food?

Mykonos, Balesin

More dining areas

Unlike the others, the Mykonos villas had 2 floors. The usual porch, jacuzzi and lounge area are found on the 2nd floor. This to me is my favorite among all because it felt the cleanest and had the nicest finish.

Mykonos Villa, Balesin


Mykonos Room Balesin

Mykonos Villa, Balesin

The second floor:

Mykonos Villa, Balesin

Private villa party anyone?

We move on to our first colonizers:

Costa del Sol, Spain:

I felt like I was in a set of a telenovela. Welcome to Hacienda Costa del Sol!

Costa del Sol, Balesin


The clubhouse where we had an amazing Spanish lunch!

Costa del Sol, Balesin

At the back where the pool and beach are:

Balesin resort

Back view

Balesin Resort, Costa del Sol


Balesin Resort, Costa del Sol

Kuyas singing Spanish songs for ambiance

Balesin Resort, Costa del Sol

Function rooms. Very Spanish therefore feels like old Filipino homes too.

Costa del Sol, Balesin

Balesin Resort, Costa del Sol

Our amazing Spanish lunch. Remember to order ahead, especially for the cochinillo!

Balesin Resort Paella


Balesin resort Food

Lengua! (ox tongue)

Balesin Resort Food

Cochinillo! Must eat!

Happy diners!

Balesin Restaurant

Oh I almost forgot the villas:

Spanish Villa, Balesin

Spanish Villa, Balesin

Spanish Villa Loft

Spanish Villa, Balesin

Balesin Resort, Spanish

Outdoor area

Finally, we head home to our beloved country.

Balesin, Philippines:

Balesin villas (nippa huts):

Balesin Villas

Balesin Resort Villas

The beach front:

Balesin Beach

The villa.

Balesin Villa

Very similar to the Phuket room in structure.

Balesin Villa

Balesin Villa Room



Balesin Villa


The Balesin Sala. We did not dine here as we ate Filipino food in the Balesin main clubhouse instead.

Balesin Resort

Balesin Sala

That concludes our tour around the world!

A big thank you to our awesome guide, Ankie for patiently touring our big and noisy group!

balesin tour

With the most awesome guide, Ankie!

So what was your favorite?

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