8 Tracks – Listening Based on Your Mood


I find myself downloading music, sorting them to either feeling, theme, location or time-based playlists (ie. super emo, Disney Bangkok life, college playlists) a lot less lately.

This is because Li Ning introduced me 3 months ago to this wonderful iPhone app and website, 8 Tracks, where you can easily listen to various playlists of 8 songs or more crafted and uploaded by other users based on moods and themes. All you need is an internet connection!

It’s very easy to use and you can either access it from the website www.8tracks.com, or the smart phone app (I use it on my iPhone 5).

When  you open the 8Tracks app and hit Explore, you will see lots of themes/moods to choose from:

Explore various themes/moods!

Explore various themes/moods!

I’m preparing myself to sleep now so I choose “sleep” and it takes me to another window that asks me for another theme/mood. I enter sad to make sure all the songs are slow enough to get me to sleep.

I'm feeling sleep and....

I’m feeling sleep and….

After selecting the combination of 2 themes/moods, I’m presented with multiple playlists uploaded by 8Tracks users which fall into the sleep + sad category:

Swipe to the right for more playlists

Swipe to the right for more playlists

I finally pick this playlist with Bon Iver, Counting Crows and Lana del Rey among others. You don’t get to see all the songs in the playlist until they’re actually playing. You can “favorite” playlists that catch your attention so you can go back to them quickly in the future.

3AM blues

3AM blues

The website is pretty similar.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 8.49.11 PM

The navigation for the 8 Tracks App is similar to Instagram in that you can follow DJ’s/users so that you can be up-to-date to their latest playlists. There are also trending playlists. I haven’t tried creating and uploading my own mix yet, but if you plan on trying, take note that you can only do this through the website.

Profile Page

Profile Page

What I love about 8tracks is aside from the ease of using it and the uninterrupted music playing (yes, no ads!), it gives me an opportunity to learn about new songs and test my ears to different genres which I normally wouldn’t listen to. It gives me my favorites when I need something familiar and reliable, and it also gives me surprises when I feel a little bit more adventurous.

If you haven’t discovered this yet, visit the site or download the app now. What do you feel like listening to?

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8 Tracks Logo from www.8tracks.com