The Kouign Amann

Cronuts, cronuts, cronuts…that’s all I hear about in Manila.

I finally tried one in Da Paolo, Singapore and I wasn’t as satisfied as I thought I’d be. Maybe the ones in Manila are better?

One pastry that I’m going crazy about though is Kouign Amann. They’re more popular here in Singapore and I can understand why.

Kouign Amann (Breton direct translation – cake “kouign”, butter “amann”), pronounced as kween a-mon, is a pastry from Brittany, France, and is apparently the bread that Amelie bakes in the movie.  It has lots of dough that is folded with butter and sugar multiple times that it forms layers. During baking, the sugar gets caramelized just like the top of creme brûlées!


You could see the caramelized sugar shining in the picture

The first Kouign Amann I tried was in Kiasu Espresso, a hip concept cafe in 100AM, Tanjong Pagar right across the GE Tower. They actually get all their pastries from Tiong Bahru Bakery so these Kouign Amann are made from there.

If you look at Tiong Bahru Bakery’s Kouign Amann, it’s spiral. Everywhere I bit had the caramelized sugar as cover, and as I dig in deeper, there was only one thing that I could think of – butter! The outer layers were very flaky just like how I like my croissants, while the innermost part was soft and tender. I don’t know if it’s really supposed to be like this because this is the first Kouign Amann I’ve tasted, but I really like the changing textures and the very buttery flavor. A friend told me that there are places in Singapore that serve different types of Kouign Amann flavors. I’d have to try that soon.

The Kouign Amann

The Kouign Amann

Now I don’t know where one could find Kouign Amann’s in Manila but I’m betting they’ll be around soon. Do you know where I could find one? I’d love to try a different type. For now, I would just have to bring home some to my food-loving family to taste. Hopefully like me, they like it better than cronuts.

Look who's a such a nice brother/brother-in-law bringin home these wonderful pasalubong

Look who’s a such a nice brother/brother-in-law bringing home these wonderful pasalubongs

Kiasu Espresso

100 AM #01, 03-04, 100 Tras Street Singapore 079027