KL Food Trip (10 Things to Eat in KL/Selangor) Part 1 of 3

And so the stomach-crunching trip finally happened (read about how to plan for your amazing KL food trip here).

A look back at our highly ambitious food trip itinerary for 2 days shows 12 food items were targeted.

All the best food places in KL!

Actual results: 10 out of 12 items achieved plus a couple more unplanned!

Before anything, I would just like to correct myself. It wasn’t accurate for me to say that our entire food trip happened in KL alone. As I have learned during the trip and as you can see in the map below, Kuala Lumpur is enclosed in the larger state, Selangor. Most of the places we went to were in Selangor, which could be 10 to 45 minutes away from KL depending on which part you are going to.

West Malaysia States

After that small geography lesson which puzzled some of my Malaysian friends as well (you know who you are), here are the 10 places to eat in KL/Selangor, Malaysia

1. Restoran SS2 Murni

53 Jalan SS 2/75, Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya

Opens Tues to Sun, 24 hours

SS2 Murni

A very popular mamak (street side restaurant selling Indian-Muslim food) with a very extensive menu. I was told by my Malaysian friends that this a favorite go-to place of Malaysians after a night out. So it was the perfect place for us to eat after we arrived past midnight from Singapore.

As expected, it was packed and seats extended to the frontage of neighboring shops.

Aside from the wide variety of food and drinks, what I like about this place are the huge portions and the really really fast service. You really get your money’s worth!

First up was the Roti Hawaii which Celine kept talking about. Can you guess why it’s named that way?

Roti Hawaii

It had pineapples, minced meat, carrots and potatoes inside! It actually tasted like torta, which of course is a household favorite. Different people eat this differently since it comes with 3 kinds of sauces. For me, the best way is what Celine does – mix all 3 together for an explosion of flavors in your mouth! Yum!

Next up was the Mee Raja. At first look I wasn’t expecting much because it looked very pale, but when I tasted it, I was instantaneously happy! It was very flavorful but light at the same time. As you can see, they were very generous with the toppings.

Mee Raja

I had very high expectations for our next dish, because whenever I order Nasi Lemak in Singapore, Choy and Celine would always roll their eyes and say that Singapore Nasi Lemak is “fake” and none of them could compare to the ones in Malaysia. I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. The sambal of Murni’s Nasi Lemak was so awesome that Lining (the Singaporean) had to agree. I even kept on using it as dip for the butter naan. This was definitely an eye-opener! Although this wasn’t the best Nasi Lemak I tasted that weekend (you’ll see why later), this is definitely number 2.

SS2 Nasi Lemak

The butter naan was Choy’s favorite! That 3rd sauce on the right is condensed milk! Imagine my delight after munching on all the savory stuff!

Roti Canai

Here I am with all our orders in Murni. Can you tell I was so happy?

Very happy and awake at 3AM!

Very happy and awake at 3AM!

2. Yut Kee

35 Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur

Opens daily except Monday, 8AM to 5PM

Yut Kee

Choy warned us that the breakfast place he was taking us to was very popular and that there would mostly likely be a queue. He was right. Yut Kee, established in the 20’s, is one of those tried-and-tested neighborhood restaurants, which both KL people and tourists just can’t get enough of.

For Filipinos, this place reminded me of Ma Mon Luk – a place that makes you feel like you traveled back in time.

Taken from bambit.kusangpalo.com

Ma Mon Luk picture taken from bambit.kusangpalo.com

Just look at the menu on the wall.

Yut Kee Menu

Drinks list and a picture of whom I assume is the founder. This reminds me of my amah’s (grandmother) old home in Masangkay, Manila with all the pictures of our ancestors:


And so breakfast begins! Clockwise from top: Kopi of different kinds, porridge, toast with kaya on the side, roti babi and chicken chop!

Yut Kee Breakfast

The highlights for me were:

Roti babi (“babi” in Malay is pork) – This is deep-fried bread coated in batter and stuffed with pork strips, onions and what I guess is Chinese sausage due to the salty taste. This was my favorite!


It wonderfully opens up to this:


My next favorite from breakfast is the simple yet intriguing Kaya spread. At first look I thought it was hummus. What I liked about it is that it wasn’t overly sweet like most Kaya spread. It was subtle yet distinctly Kaya!


I think what’s best about this place is the old-world charm. Aside from the roti babi and the unique kaya spread, the food was just so-so, but I would definitely come back to give the other selection a try.

A tip: We were supposed to order the highly-recommended roasted pork roll, the picture of which I posted in my previous post, but it’s only available starting 11am on Fri, Sat and Sun (we ate at 10AM).

3. Nyonya Colors

Lots of branches. Visit http://www.nyonyacolors.com for details.

This one particularly was in:

F101, First Floor
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

After our breakfast, we had our brunch (yes, that’s how you do it in weekend food trips).

Nyonya Colors was...very colorful

Nyonya Colors was…very colorful

I specially requested to put kueh in our itinerary because they remind me of our Filipino kakanin. Kueh is translated as snacks or tidbits and they are often taken during tea time.

I was surprised that Choy & Celine took us to a chain food stall for this. I would expect traditional food items like these would be best found in the streets or some old specialty shop, but I was not disappointed. Nyonya Colors had a wide variety of kuehs and I loved everything I tried! We actually ate some in the streets and the ones I had in NC were still better.

We started with these:

I absolutely loved the talam (green and white kueh below)! It is now my favorite kueh. Its green layer is pandan while the white part is coconut making it sweet and salty at the same time. I am craving for it right now.

It was also my first time having kueh dipped in Kaya. The simple flavor of the pulut tai tai on the right went very well with the Kaya’s sweetness.

From L-R: Steamed Tapioca, Talam, Steam Tapioca + Banana, Pulut Tai Tai

From L-R: Steamed Tapioca, Talam, Steam Tapioca + Banana, Pulut Tai Tai with Kaya Spread

We also had these “surprise-in-a-bite” Ondeh-Ondeh. I wish I had nicer pictures to show that these are cute bite-sized tidbits.

I say surprise because when you bite into these small pandan-infused rice balls, a burst of liquid happens in your mouth in the form of gula melaka (palm sugar). I can imagine lots of people getting addicted to these!



I also enjoyed the Roti Jala or “Net bread”. These are prepared the same way as crepes are, except that they are netted (I saw how these were prepared and I must say its artful). I think the netting makes the curry that goes along with it better absorbed. The chicken was very yummy too!

Netted crepes with chicken curry!

Netted crepes with chicken curry!

We also had otah otah (spicy fish paste steamed in banana leaf) and kueh ketayap (crepe with sweet coconut filling). Both were ok but didn’t leave a sense of craving on me (or maybe I was excited for lunch?).

One point of improvement for Nyonya Colors though. While their food was great, their drinks were terrible. They should improve their coffee, tea etc to give their customers the overall snacking experience.

Excited for lunch?

Excited for lunch?

Midnight snack, breakfast and brunch – check!

The most amazing lunch (4) and numbers 5-10 in my next two posts!

I’m seriously getting hungry now…