Farewell Foodtrip (back to maKan Land)

Warning: long post + lots of pics that will make you hungry One of the best things that happened to me in 2013 is forming an office “barkada” or what they term ”… Continue reading

Donald Tsang Please Die…(oops Cyber-Crime?)

That is one of the song titles in My Little Airport’s album that I recently downloaded. I got to know about this band from my Taipei trip last December while listening to random… Continue reading

Start the Year with a Bang

There’s an old saying that goes “start the year with a bang,” and so I did. Fortunately, moving to a new role at work made it easier to start my January with fireworks… Continue reading

My Favorite Gift This Christmas! Insta-Happiness!!!

One day, my friend Ian asked for my Instagram password, and  said outright that it was for my Christmas gift. I trusted him so I just gave it and actually forgot about the whole incident. Last night,… Continue reading

Manila = Home

I am now in NAIA Terminal 3, 50 minutes from boarding time on my plane back to Singapore. I was fortunate enough to let my boss allow me to work from our Manila office… Continue reading

Metro Manila – 3rd Possible Filipino-Themed 2014 Oscar Nominee

When my film-addict Malaysian officemate told me that a movie called “Metro Manila” was the United Kingdom’s bet to the Best Foreign Language Film in the 2014 Academy Awards (Oscars), I was confused.… Continue reading

Glee is Back: Beatles and Cory

I saw this poster last night from Glee’s Google+ account. Of course I saw the post late as it will be premiering tomorrow, September 26, 2013 on Fox, 9PM US time (Friday for… Continue reading

Drenched from NAIA 1

This morning I managed to experience the heavy downpour in Manila which I’m seeing all over my Twitter and FB feed now. Though I only spent 3 hours of today in Manila, I still… Continue reading

Easy Good Deed

I just came from Candy Empire in Vivo City to buy Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream to trade for a UP friend’s mouth-watering baked goodies. If you haven’t heard of Ovomaltine, it’s a rich and… Continue reading

Balesin Resort(s)

“Around the world, the trip begins with kiss. Roam if you want to, roam around the world…” – B-52’s Continuing from my previous Balesin post, I showcase you the different resorts of Balesin. Each seaside… Continue reading